Block Paving

Colours and Styles

stone colours

Block Paving is a cost effective and aesthetically pleasing way to transform your driveway or patio, you can add style and character to your home with a wide range of paving and colours to suit your needs and requirements.

We deal with multiple suppliers giving the customer a wide range of paving to choose from including Tobermore, Marshalls, Wyresdale, Plaspave, Kilsaren, Brett.
At Jacks paving company we no longer lay block paving on grit sand we use a 6mm stone chipping making it more durable also there is no issues with water ingress and no weed germination within the bedding material.

Block Paving comes in a variety of colours to suit all and you can also mix and match colours and add setts and circles to create your perfect look.
(For Colour and availability purposes only)


When laying block paving

block paving styles
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