Permeable Paving Gallery

By Jack's Paving Company in Wigan

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This type of paving is best used to minimise flooding, it does this by absorbing the rainwater through the paving. Permeable Paving works in a different way to a traditional pavement. It is designed to allow rainfall to percolate immediately through the surface near to where the raindrop lands – so surface ponding is completely eradicated without the need for an additional channel drainage system.

The water flows into a specially prepared sub-base, where the voids between the stones which make up the structure act as a temporary reservoir. During a rainstorm, the water is collected in the sub-base before it is released slowly either by natural infiltration into the ground beneath the pavement, into the main sewer at a controlled rate via a flow restrictor, or a combination of both.

Permeable paving is the same as conventional paving in terms of appearance with a wide range of colours and block styles to suit your individual needs.

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