Tarmac Gallery

By Jack's Paving Company in Wigan

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A tarmac driveway installed professionally is hard wearing, durable and very low maintenance, if you would like to add some personal character to the tarmac driveway decretive edgings can be installed a block border around the edges or coloured chippings placed into Tarmac.

At Jack’s Paving Compnay we only use ULTIDRIVE which is the best aggregates within Tarmac and we over engineer on the depth of the tarmac we install guaranteeing the tarmac driveway will look as good as new in years to come with minimal maintenance.

ULTIDRIVE – Designed to resist the long-term effects of daily parking and power assisted turning, ULTIDRIVE is a high-performance asphalt with a smooth and highly durable finish that resists scuffing, deformation and frost damage to keep its premium appearance for longer. Available as a 6mm or 10mm SMA in black or red, ULTIDRIVE incorporates a complementary aggregate for longer lasting colour that resists surface wear.

Durable finish
Improved resistance to summer softening
Improved fuel resistance
Lasting colour
Lower maintenance
Ultimate versatility

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